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27 Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews about Hijabs

not bad
By Aliya Rogers , Posted on 10/31/2016
Does not fit quite like the picture, takes some getting used to. The first time I wore it out in public, one Muslimah commented that she thought it was a hoodie. Convenient but not the most functional.
Well made
By LK , Posted on 9/27/2016
Well made, and so nice not needing a pin or underscarf! The face opening is a little tight, but I can still fit my glasses in underneath comfortably--although, without an undercap, I sometimes have to tuck baby hairs from around my face back underneath by the end of the day, since the glasses make it easier for them to escape from under the edges of the cap part. Still, I am thrilled with how comfortable and easy this is to wear, and how well constructed it is.
Comfirtable and stays in place
By ChooseLove, Posted on 9/20/2016
I wore this for umrah and didn't use any pins. It did not get out of place and was so easy to put on. I did have a bottom headpiece (mainly for sweat control and to assist in keeping the scarf in place), but it isn't required for coverage. Only thing I didn't like was the beading that spelled out the brand name on one corner. Too glitzy and unnecessary. I ended up tucking that end in my shirt. As for head width, I think it was wide enough, not tight at all. Those who wish to have it tighter can use a safety pin, but I also don't think that's necessary.
Very happy with purchase
By Ahmad Almosallam, Posted on 9/19/2016
Great product soft material, nicely made. With fast delivery too! I will order many more colors. Thank you!
Love it
By P.F. , Posted on 9/14/2016
Love it! Even though the face opening could be a bit wider. I have always had a hard time using a stethoscope while wearing a hijab but this is light and stretchy enough to easily slip a stethoscope in and out. I will be buying all the different colors available, please offer more color selections!
By Alisha, Posted on 8/24/2016
Just bought one to try, I loved it so much can't wait to buy more Colors -Alisha
By J. Shepard, Posted on 8/23/2016
Oh. My. God. I first bought the beige one and I loved it so much I bought Brown, Navy blue, royal blue and Red. They are so comfortable and easy to wear, you'll want to sleep in it.
Really pretty
By Fayza I Sohail , Posted on 8/22/2016
Really pretty and perfect for my outfit. The gold is subtle but enough to give it a classy look.
By Zelena , Posted on 8/16/2016
It's incredibly beautiful when I put it on.
By Sarah Islam, Posted on 8/16/2016
I love, love, love, love, this product! It is so super easy to use, and very long and modest. My only request? That it comes in green! I seriously have to try and color match my remaining clothes because I love this hijab so much. It is very easy to use, I love how soft it is, and the opening is super easy for your face to fit through. I would absolutely, without a doubt, recommend this product!

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