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Prayer Rugs


Prayer Rugs

7 Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews about Prayer Rugs

absolutely beautiful
By Happy customer, Posted on 8/17/2016
Alhamdulillah, great quality. I am 6'6" y'all almost 300lbs and fit comfortably on the rug during salah.
Awesome product
By adams87, Posted on 8/15/2016
This was an awesome prayer mat it arrived on time. And felt very comfortable , at first i couldnt recognize the front from the back but i figured it out any ways. Awesome product i would but again
Beautiful rug!!
By Kindle Customer , Posted on 8/2/2016
Shipping was very fast. The rug was thicker than I expected, not a complaint! Silver is very vibrant and black is very lush and rich color.
By jukf, Posted on 7/20/2016
When I saw this rug, I thought it was so beautiful and eye catching! Not only because of the complimentary contrast in the silver and black colors, but also because the design is so exquisite. It has a nice rendition of the Ka'ba on it which I loved! The fabric is soft and just thick enough to give a bit of cushion and stability to the product. This prayer rug was a gift for my Muslim friend from West Africa and he was so impressed with it and gushing about how beautiful it was. He was very proud to have it and couldn't wait to use it! I don't think my picture does it justice and I wish I had taken more pictures before I gave it to him. I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review. All reviewed items are used for no less than 10 days in order to provide a more informed opinion of how well the product performed or if and where it fell short. In this case my friend used it for the 10 days and reported to me that it is a quality product!
By Van-San, Posted on 5/31/2016
Although this is a lightweight prayer rug, it has the appearance of a costly one. Pleasantly surprised at its beauty!
By Breesha (Kohl) Taylor , Posted on 2/1/2016
Loved everything about this prayer rug. I ordered for my husband since he has never had one from the newest form as he was blessed to get his very own from a friend. The quality & art is amazing. Thank you!
By NW , Posted on 11/5/2015
This is my first sajjada. I was looking for one that would be easy to take places but not made of plastic like many of the pocket/travel ones I found. This sajjada is thin enough so that you can roll it up nice and small, but still thick enough to be comfortable to perform salah.

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